is a charitable initiative that aims to keep the world moving, mobilizing citizens to help shorten the distances between people and opportunities.

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about citizenMovement

As mobile citizens, we travel the world, explore cities, and reach most destinations easily. It got us thinking: what makes us so lucky? The answer is ‘mobility’. It’s even in our name. For us, mobility is readily accessible, something we don't really think about. You could say we take it for granted. But for some, mobility is not only hard to achieve, it's also a luxury they simply cannot afford.

Thinking about these challenges led us to establish our charity: the citizenMovement Foundation. It's founded on one of our values: real caring. We thought real caring shouldn't just stay within our four walls. It should make a difference to people who have never been, and perhaps never will be, citizenM guests.

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we're biking across the Netherlands

The citizenMovement fundraising cycle event will start and finish at citizenM Rotterdam, passing through Arnhem and Eindhoven. The date? 9 – 11 September 2022. It’s a three-day event with two routes – and one of them is perfect for you!

citizenMovement global event 2022

Your challenge: to collectively complete the distance between all citizenM hotels – 35,000 km. Your individual goal is 35 km (but you can set it higher, if you’re up for it!). How you reach that 35 km is up to you – biking, walking, running, roller skating, line dancing...

our charity partner

Our long-term charity partner is World Bicycle Relief (WBR). Together, we keep focused on the goal: to shorten the distance between people and opportunities by giving them the gift of mobility. Since partnering with World Bicycle Relief in 2018, we have donated €965,000.

We will support World Bicyle Relief's Mobilised Communities project which will supply Buffalo Bicycles to relieve mobility constraints in all sectors: education, healthcare and economy, in one geographic location.

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